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With the growing demand for dash cams in South Africa, we’re looking to bring new partners on board to help further catapult the category. If you install, have a car dealership, a retail storefront, autobody or repair shop, or have a following on social media – we encourage you to explore the various partnership opportunities below. When you become a part of our team, you can be sure that we will take care of you!

Rest assured, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to support you. We’ve partnered with various dealerships, and shops of all scopes and sizes. We’re eager to get going, and love meeting new businesses. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, what’s stopping you? Check out our many options and if you have any questions, let us know!

We’re always welcome to new members and look forward to hearing from you!


Dealership Program

More new cars are being outfitted with dash cams everyday by concerned drivers who want to protect their new purchase. To make things easier for these drivers, we support dealerships with everything needed to execute an effective dash cam sales program. This includes marketing materials, installation support, and after-sales support.

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  • Increased client perception of dealership, promoting safer driving and road behavior
  • Unique, value-added accessory option for clients
  • Ability to finance dash cam in vehicle price; alleviates some financial distress for clients
  • Organic word of mouth marketing, who doesn’t talk about their new car purchase and dealership experience with their peers?
  • Customized marketing material for your dealership promoting safer driving and road behavior
  • Demo model display with customer facing education
  • Product knowledge and education training videos for all departments
  • Spiff programs for Platinum dealers
  • Courtesy car demos

Dedicated Sales and Service Support – We understand that things move quickly in the sales and service departments. All dealers and their customers will receive free access to tech support for their devices. Our talented group of dash cam experts can solve most issues right over the phone. If sales and installation support is required, we can dispatch an installer to your location to get things done quickly, or have a dash cam expert on the line immediately to speak with a tech.

Warranty – When tech support and install support can’t address an issue (very rare), we offer a simple advanced RMA to ensure the customer’s vehicle is never left unprotected.


Reseller Program

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With a growing demand for dash cams in South Africa, almost everyone is trying to capitalize. National big box chains are trying, and giving prospective customers great exposure to the category and its benefits. There’s a large disadvantage to the consumers as the big box chains can’t provide the knowledge or the installation support for such an important purchase. If you sell car products including audio systems, radar detectors, performance parts, and more – you’ll see the value in this program.

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Revenue Growth Opportunity – Dash cams are one of the few growing categories currently in 12-volt accessories. We empower resellers to take advantage of this opportunity, and provide them with quality products at advantageous prices that provide great value for them and their customers.

Dealer Program – New and used car dealerships are looking for reliable dash cams to have installed in their vehicles. If you work with dealers (or want to), we can provide the materials and support you need to help capitalize in your market. (multiple programs available, contact us for details)

Tech Support – We pride ourselves in having amazing tech support that can usually identify any issues and assist both representatives and customers right over the phone, we live and breath high quality dash cams. We are only a phone call or email away.

Warranty – Should tech support have difficulties and are unable to solve the issue, an RMA can be provided upon request for any defective units that are within the 1 year manufactures warranty. This may start at the date of purchase made by your customer

Increased Awareness – Because of our vast online presence, we drive new customers to you that may need more than just a dash cam for their vehicles. The increased foot traffic will help drive organic, incremental sales.

Marketing Support – We ensure you hit the ground running with our reseller starter kit, which includes everything you’ll need to help sell both driver and vehicle safety through the use of dash cams professionally supported by us, and you. Included can be displays, brochures, product knowledge training videos for sales + installations, and more!


Installer Program


Our dash cams are sold to customers all over South Africa, and they’re always asking us for a good installation option. If you would like to become a Car Dash Cam Store recommended installer, let us know! Being a recommended installer means you can be contacted by customers of Car Dash Cam Store or Car Dash Cam Store themselves on behalf of said customers to install dash cams in their vehicle.

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We do not quote any customers installation prices, as price greatly varies due to the vehicles that the dash cam is going to be installed in as well as the nature of the install. This is a pure partnership, designed to help drivers find reliable, local installers to install their dash cam systems.

Through the reliability of our dash cam assortment, dedicated tech support, and amazing customer service, we hope to earn your confidence as a leading dash cam supplier.

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Influencer Program

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If you have a following on social media and want to work with us feel free to reach out! We can help with providing products to review and run in your personal vehicle to help increase brand and product awareness. In certain cases we can also provide affiliate discount codes to get you an additional revenue stream for your content!

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Increased Traffic – Drive organic traffic to your site and YouTube channel by reviewing the latest and best-selling dash cams on the market!

Marketing/Tech Support – We’re not one of these retailers that will send you a product expecting you to learn everything about it. We have a dedicated team of support staff that can help you get everything set up properly and answer any questions you might have about the product.

Regular Content – By equipping your vehicle with a dash cam, you’ll have an additional source for content generation should you catch any accidents or interesting clips on your camera.

Affiliate Income – Eligible influencers can earn a percentage of all purchases made on our site using their discount Codes


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