All BlackVue dashcams share the following features:

128gb BlackVue Cameras
128GB microSD Support

All BlackVue models support at least up to 128GB microSD cards. That translates into a LOT of recording time, up to 44 hours on a single-channel Full HD dashcam like the DR650S-1CH.

Impact BlackVue Cameras
Impact Sensor

BlackVue’s 3-axis accelerometer detects impacts, bumps and sudden acceleration or deceleration. When it happens, an Event video starting a few seconds before the trigger is created. Sensitivity is adjustable independently for Normal and Parking Mode.

loop BlackVue Cameras
Loop Recording

BlackVue dashcams all feature loop recording, meaning once the memory is full, it will start writing over older files seamlessly. This way, you don’t have to worry about the memory filling up.

capacitor BlackVue Cameras
Super Capacitor

The super capacitor in each BlackVue provides enough power to safely shut down your dashcam when power is cut. Unlike lithium batteries used in sportscams and cheaper dashcams, a super capacitor can withstand extreme heat and cold.

parking BlackVue Cameras
Parking Mode

In Parking Mode, your BlackVue monitors visible movements and physical impacts. If either is detected, it saves a video starting seconds before the triggering event.

MIcrophone BlackVue Cameras

The microphone is ON by default but can be deactivated. For privacy reasons, please inform your passengers that they are being recorded. The BlackVue Viewer also lets you easily export video clips without the audio track.

viewer BlackVue Cameras
BlackVue Viewer

The BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS computers is free to download and use. It lets you browse recorded videos, change dashcam settings and export clips easily.

Speaker BlackVue Cameras

Your BlackVue automatically informs you via voice message when it starts recording, turns off or if an error occurs. You can turn off voice messages individually in the settings.

EFT BlackVue Cameras
pricecheck BlackVue Cameras

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