Why do I need a Dash Cam?


This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get here at Car DashCam Shop, just what can a dash cam do for me and why do I want one? Here are just some of the common functions of a dash cam and some clips of dash cams in action to help illustrate their uses.

Reliable Evidence in the Event of an Accident

This is the most commonly known use for a dash cam. Dash cam footage has proven time and time again to help determine fault towards the actual party responsible. We all know someone who’s had to deal with the hassle of conflicting witness statements, 50/50 decisions, and an unjustified spike on their insurance premiums. Protect yourself against a liar or potential fraudster with a dash cam.

Protecting Against Vandalism or Theft

parking mode enabled dash cam can potentially catch a culprit who is vandalizing your vehicle while you’re not around. A number of our customers have caught a neighbour doing damage to their vehicle using our dash cams. The footage can help with pursuing the other party for damages, obtaining a restraining order, or even act as evidence in a criminal prosecution

Hit and Runs

A Parking mode enabled dash cam can also catch a hit and run which will help hold the at-fault party accountable. It’s easy for the offending driver to take off after a hit and run if there are no witnesses around, and it’s virtually impossible to catch them afterwards. The dash cam can protect you from having to pay an unnecessary and costly comprehensive insurance deductible.

Road Rage

Protect yourself from violent road ragers with dash cam footage that can help police go after the suspect. The dash cam footage provides powerful evidence against the road rager in a criminal prosecution and holds more weight than just an eyewitness testimony. In some cases, after seeing the dash cam the potential road rager calms down as they realize what consequences they might face.

In-Car Security

Dash cams can be aimed inside the vehicle to record interactions between rideshare passengers or even law enforcement. As a rideshare driver, this can protect you from false claims that can negatively affect your standing with that company. It can also catch aggressive behaviour from passengers or misconduct from police. An infrared camera such as the BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR is recommended for this.

Funny & Interesting Videos

Dash cams don’t always have to be about serious incidents or insurance claims, at the end of the day they are another type of video camera and can have other purposes as well. Sometimes you come across something interesting or heartwarming on the road and a dash cam is a great way to capture that moment to share with your friends.

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